It's important to know your builder before you invest.

Ariel Homes is a local building organization in tune with the local way of life--aware of your lifestyle needs and dedicated to investing your home buying dollars for the best return on investment.

Ariel Homes has surrounded itself with a top professional team representing over 75 years of combined experience in product research, design and construction in the Tampa Bay area.

Our approach to business is one of integrity. We promise only what we can deliver. Our people adhere to this in their performance. The end result is commitment and quality you can depend on. We assure you that your new Ariel home will be well-conceived and well-constructed -- a great investment that brings returns from the day you move in.

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Spec homes going up as analyst sees inventory as ‘normalized’

Tampa Home Builder Ariel QuintelaBy Michael Hinman
Tampa Bay Business Journal

ODESSA — Luxury homebuilder Ariel Homes is breaking ground on the third phase of Keystone Meadows, a 70-acre project off North Mobley Road in northern Hillsborough County where nearly 50 homes are planned.

The builder plans to construct three speculative homes listing at just over $500,000 each, an idea that hasn’t been heard in the housing community for quite some time.

“What we’re seeing right now is people finding that [listing prices] are where they need to be,” said Ariel Quintela, the homebuilder’s president. “I think in ’08, people were still not sure where the numbers would go with what was happening in the economy and all. But now it seems like a good time to buy and an even better time for us to build.”


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